How do I use the BRUNA Cleaning Kit?

Your favourite jewels deserve the very best. Keep them shining with our custom designed BRUNA Cleaning Kit.

How to clean your 18k Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver and 14k Solid Gold jewellery 
  1. Place your jewellery piece into a clean bowl or any other suitable container.
  2. Squeeze 3-5 drops of the cleaning liquid directly onto the jewellery piece.
  3. Let the liquid sit for a few minutes.
  4. Then use the bamboo brush to gently clean your jewellery piece.
  5. Rinse it with clean water.
  6. Dry the jewellery piece with the cotton polishing cloth (black BRUNA logo) to give it a gentle buff.
  7. Finally, use the microfiber cloth (white BRUNA logo) to finish the cleaning process. 

Top Tips: 

  • If your piece of jewellery is heavily tarnished, dirty or scratched, start by using the polishing cloth (black BRUNA logo) and then continue the cleaning process following steps 1-7. 
  • Our polishing cloth will help remove dirt build-up and improve the appearance of minor scratches. 
  • The microfiber cloth (white BRUNA logo) is perfect for daily use in between your jewellery cleaning sessions. It removes dust, fingerprints, water and grease residues to keep your jewels sparkling.
  • Ensure to always rinse the bamboo brush with clean water after using it to keep your brush in good condition & ready for your next cleaning session
How to clean pearls and gemstone 

These more delicate organic materials should be handled with extra care. Use the microfiber cloth in the kit to give your pearls and gemstones a gentle cleaning.

*Please note that the cleaning liquid should not be used on your pearls and gemstones, as this may cause damage to their surface & make them appear dull. 

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