How do I find my right ring size?

We know it can be tricky to find the right ring size, but we got some tricks for you:

We have developed a tape measure that you can easily print out, cut out and try on to find the right ring size.


If you don't have a printer at home or a ring that already fits perfectly, there are still following methods:

1. All you need for this method is a pen, a strip of paper, and a ruler.

Simply cut out a 10 cm long, narrow strip of paper and wrap it length ways around your ring finger. Then mark the end of the intersection with a pencil and measure the marked distance with the ruler. The result in millimeters then corresponds to your ring size.

For example, a distance of 5.4 cm corresponds to a ring size 54.

2. Take a ring that fits you perfectly on the finger you want to wear it on. Then you can measure the diameter with a ruler or tape measure and multiply the value by 3.14, the result corresponds to the ring size.

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