Can I swim and shower with the jewellery?

In general, it depends on the piece of jewel. We absolutely don’t recommend that pearls or gemstones get in contact with water, as the natural luster can fade a bit. 

For all our non-pearly jewels :

You can do it from time to time and the jewels won’t tarnish, as we work with a very thick multiple 18ct gold plating and 925 sterling silver bases. However, we don’t recommend you to do it regularly. Once in a while is absolutely fine if you clean the jewels with tap water after swimming or bathing. 

In general, we advise you to avoid contact with shower gels / shampoos and salt water in order to keep the shiny gold for years.   

If you take care of your jewellery, clean it regularly (preferably with a bit of sensitive soap and a soft toothbrush or a silver cleaning cloth), then nothing stands in the way of a long love affair.

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